Communication, Marketing, Branding and PR

Communication, Marketing, Branding and PR

With a track record of success supporting B2B sectors, our team members understand the heartbeat of the oil and gas industry. We’re a goal-oriented oil and gas marketing agency. We aren’t just experts in marketing — we bring in-depth oil and gas industry experience. With an understanding of market changes and stakeholder interests, we work to achieve your objectives through branding, graphic design, animation, website or live video capabilities.

How we can help?

Marketing Strategy

Our consultant team members are often hired to assist C-suite executives and management with assessing industry challenges and creating and communicating marketing strategic initiatives internally and externally. We interact with key stakeholders in your organization, run focus groups to gather information and better understand your direction and challenges, and analyze your competitors and market share. We’ll take an active role in formulating the marketing strategic plan, packaging it and then presenting it to the board of directors, CEO and ultimately each key individual within the organization.

Green Marketing

We’ll create your sustainability report graphics along expected guidelines, develop web pages publicizing your efforts or craft marketing campaigns to showcase the work you do to protect the environment, serve your stakeholders and give back to the community in which you operate.


    Creating your Brand
    Maximize your opportunity for success by coming to market with not only a great idea, but a great brand. Branding goes beyond a logo and website. A successful brand is thoughtfully designed and managed to cut through the clutter and quickly tell buyers what your company can do for them and why they should choose you.

    Refining your Brand
    Through Inteleum's Brandstorming process you will get the answers to the questions you’ve been asking – does my brand need to be refreshed, strengthened, refocused? Let our experts provide you with honest and comprehensive data driven answers to all of your questions. Our in-house experts will keep what works, fill in any missing pieces, and make your brand a more refined, powerful marketable asset.

    Logo Design Services
    Business Cards
    Letterhead and Envelopes
    Corporate Brand Style Guide
    Brochures & Leave Behinds
    Any other printed material

    Web Development

    We’ll create an award winning website for you through our carefully crafted process.

    No more consulting from a distance. We want to get to know the ins and outs of your business, product, team and vision so that we can help you create or transform with lasting impact.

    Tight, functional, thorough and good-looking. The design process takes the strategy from ideas to tangible products.

    We're not wedded to particular platforms and frameworks. We scale and build our team of specialists around the best approach.

    We develop all of our websites using the Webflow's content management system (CMS) to enable you to manage site content effectively and internally.
    - Ease of Use
    - Manage Your Website from Any Computer
    - No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required
    - Search Engines Love Webflow

      Digital Marketing

      Our multi-channel digital marketing solutions helps your brand leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

      Social Media
      Inteleum's marketing consultants help you identify platforms where your key audience demographic already exists and will help you to reach them in the digital space. We’ll help you build a presence on platforms used by energy industry buyers, with the goal of creating a flow of leads to your website.

      Newsletters are a cost-effective way to stay top of mind with investors, analysts and prospective clients, creating a stronger brand recall and brand associations. Our graphic designers and consultants help through every stage of the process – content, design, and distribution.

      Email Campaigns
      Grow your business with email marketing solutions. We design and implement email marketing campaigns that reach the desktops and mobile phones of your buyers. All Inteleum-generated email campaigns are trackable, quantifiable, and come with detailed reporting metrics.

      Paid Media Campaigns
      Paid Media is essential to any company looking to generate direct responses to their marketing efforts, increase visibility and traffic to their website, and generate strong leads. These campaigns are built and managed via Google Ads – including YouTube and various social media platforms including Facebook Ads Manager – including Instagram, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and Twitter Ads among other industry specific advertising areas of opportunity.

      Content and Storytelling

      Organizations carve out their competitive advantage through compelling storytelling that shapes human’s ability to imagine and act upon. Stories have a real power to attract and inspire readership to make a change and engage into actions more effectively. Positive messages are easier to remember and will yield better results. Our broad global experience prompts us to develop the most successful business narratives which showcases your environmental and social contribution and outcomes of your actions. Moreover, we look at storytelling as more than just a narrative tool to present your sustainability and social initiatives. Our goal is to empower and motivate the audience and connect them to your mission. We support your business  through our talent to connect your strategy with positive impact on people, planet and profit. Communicate a moral of the story that inspires audience to devote and believe in a better, sustainable future!

        Investor Relations

        Inteleum's objective is to empower our clients for developing a preference for their equity, which ultimately improves valuation and the long-term cost of capital. We believe this objective is primarily achieved by creating and communicating clear, compelling and credible messages targeted to the investment community over the long term.

        Investor Presentations
        Our consultants deliver technical and financial expertise in creating both corporate and technical investor presentations.Your investor presentation is your primary communications asset. Done the right way, a professional and engaging presentation with branded content quickly cuts through the clutter and conveys your competitive strengths, value proposition and value drivers.

        Annual Reports
        Annual reports are as distinct as the stories they tell. Since our founding, Inteleum has designed and produced award-winning annual reports that effectively connect with shareholders, clearly communicate messages and value drivers, and build trust and support for our clients. Our forward-looking business approach to design and our concentration set Inteleum apart. We balance cutting-edge graphic design with diligent project management to deliver graphic solutions that achieve your communications objectives on time and within your designated budget.

          Media Relations

          All of our oil and gas marketing and design work is performed in-house by our professionals, meaning you get the support of an integrated design team and energy consultants- a superior way to develop and maintain your core messages.

          Network Television Media
          Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business are our go-to television media outlet when clients want to reach a broad segment of the market. Inteleum's professionals work with producers to secure and develop high-profile television segments. We coach, train and prepare all executives prior to any television interview.

          Reach a refined target audience.
          TV is great for reaching a broad audience. Often times however, we suggest companies target a more refined audience. Reaching and influencing analysts, money managers and key decision makers is no easy task. Whether it’s the Wall Street Journal or Barron’s, we want our clients to be in front of investors when they are ready to buy.

          Trade Publications
          Industry publications are one of the most highly valued sources of information for company executives, analysts and money managers. Every month, we work with editors and reporters of the nation’s top trade publications, to include our clients in cover stories, activity profiles and feature spreads.

            Stakeholder Engagement

            Whatever the challenge may be, Inteleum provides extensive support as you navigate today’s evolving, and rapidly shifting, ESG-driven demands. From materiality assessments and sustainability reporting, to net zero strategies, supply chain audits, and ESG-related internal investigations, among many other offerings, our diverse group of experts guides you throughout your ESG journey to support a more sustainable and inclusive future for your organization and the world more broadly.

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