Oilfield Operations Excellence

Oilfield Operations Excellence

Achieve your production and sustainability goals by managing critical factors in an integrated manner.

Operational issues and opportunities for production enhancement have been on the rise, across all plays, on top of higher activity levels and demands for ESG implementation initiatives. We help our clients to transition to more efficient, agile, and safe operations while maximizing production and the life of their existing base assets.

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How we can help?

Production and Injection Systems Performance Assessment

Look for opportunities to improve the performance of your existing assets

We use our experience, data, and specialized software in combination to help our clients identify and act on opportunities to maximize production from their legacy assets.
Integrated production and injection systems analyses to identify bottlenecks and optimization opportunities
·        Commingled production strategy and optimization
·        Artificial lift strategy and performance optimization
·        KPIs definition and tracking

Productivity and Injectivity Enhacement

Maximize the output and ROI of your existing wells

Formation damage and solids deposition along the wellbore can occur at any stage of the well life cycle impairing well performance and economics. We assist our clients to maximize production and injectivity through the implementation of our proven productivity/injectivity enhancement methodology which include:
·        Candidate selection
·        Formation damage diagnosis
·        Remedial treatment justification, formulation, and job procedures  
·        Execution support
·        Post-stimulation well performance assessment

Mechanical Integrity and Reliability

Keep your assets operating at optimal levels for the life of the field

We help our clients to develop and implement fit-for-purpose asset integrity and reliability programs to reduce emissions, equipment repair/replacement costs, and downtime while maintaining and improving HSE metrics and compliance.  
Our services on Mechanical Integrity and Reliability include:
·        Legacy data analyses to identify trends and gaps
·        Corrosion and solids monitoring program
·        Failure analysis
·        Preventive and predictive maintenance program development and implementation support
·        KPIs Definition and tracking

Hydraulic Fracturing

Make every grain of proppant and barrel of water count

We have worked in the most prolific shale and tight O&G plays across the Americas designing, evaluating, and optimizing the frac program of entire assets while introducing and further developing game-changing technologies. Our services in Hydraulic Fracturing include:
·       Frac fluid packages evaluation and optimization
·       Frac design using best-in-class 3-D frac simulator, and frac model calibration
·       DFIT design, execution support and analysis

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