Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

There is a rising need for organizations to incorporate sustainability into their business practices in order to lead in a new era of sustainable development. Organizations look for professionals who are capable of providing extended support, from “greening products” to delivering social impact, achieving zero environmental impact, developing and implementing local initiatives or structuring long term sustainability strategies.

How we can help?

Sustainability Management

Strengthen Internal Capabilities

Inteleum assists organizations to strengthen their capabilities and implement practical Sustainability solutions successfully across their operations, by reinforcing existing structures and helping develop new systems that fit within existing business models.

We can hel you with:
- Help with setting and organizing departments, committees, subcommittees and working groups who will support these sustainability professionals in elevating sustainability performance.
- Developing charters and defining responsibilities that will allow for the smooth incorporation of sustainability into all organizational processes and operations.

SDGs and Standards Integration

Navigate Past Risks and Focus on Opportunities

SDGs business model aids organizations in achieving business growth and productivity while ‘moving the world towards a sustainable and inclusive development path’. As organizations strive to be more proactive in getting the most from the goals to support brand purpose, accelerate growth and maximize impact.

Benefits of SDG Implementation:
- Businesses that have strong sustainable practices enjoy wider business benefits, including:
- Profitable growth and improved performance
- Outperform the market
- Delivery of innovative and effective solutions
- High caliber employee retention rate
- Improved public image and reputation
- Attractiveness to investors
- Capability to manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks
- Establishment of sustainable, inclusive and resilient business models
- We can set a clear action plan to accelerate progress against reaching selected goals, align strategies with laws, local regulations and policies based on the Global Goals, fuel inclusive growth and achieve tangible results.

Build Trust with Stakeholders

Whatever the challenge may be, Inteleum provides extensive support as you navigate today’s evolving, and rapidly shifting, ESG-driven demands. From materiality assessments and sustainability reporting, to net zero strategies, supply chain audits, and ESG-related internal investigations, among many other offerings, our diverse group of experts guides you throughout your ESG journey to support a more sustainable and inclusive future for your organization and the world more broadly.


From strategy to execution our portfolio of services is designed to help you tackle your greatest sustainability challenges and realize the competitive advantage and impact at scale that sustainability brings:

Towards Net Zero

Inteleum helps with solutions to reduce carbon emissions, while driving social and economic benefits.

Sustainable Value Chain

Inteleum helps embedding sustainability into every stage of the value chain to deliver trusted, net-zero and circular value chains.

Sustainable Technology

Inteleum enables organizations to use technology more sustainably while also using technology as a vehicle to drive sustainability.

Sustainability Measurement & Analytics

Inteleum provides the tools, technology, and methodologies to help businesses embed sustainability data and decision-making

Sustainable Leadership and Organization

Inteleum helps business leaders build sustainability into everything, creating sustainability at the core.

Sustainable Stakeholder Experience and Brand

Inteleum can enable you to shift stakeholders perception about a brand's commitment to sustainability

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